100millionth Eyewitness

Just downloaded and got Firefox4 up and running on my laptop, and in the process was lucky to be eyewitness to the 100 millionth Firefox4 download on the web. My first impressions of the new browser are very positive. It definitely feels like there is more screen room for the pages with the new menubar style and the tabs look very Chrome-like. I tried opening a few HTML5 pages, including one which spots geolocation, and the browser was right there spotting me down to a 10-mile vicinity. I’ve been a Firefox user for a good part of the last decade, momentarily switching to Chrome when it first launched. But then I switched back to Firefox when I learned about Google’s conflict of interest with Firefox, and shifting its backing from the Mozilla foundation to Chrome. The browser wars are storming up like never before and Firefox is right in the fray. Go download your Firefox4 today and Go Orange !