Just back from a 7 mile run at the Alviso Slough in Milpitas today evening.  Google map

This has got to be one of the best running trails I have run in the bay area. A colleague of mine had referred me this trail and I’ve been wanting to try it out for a while. Finally made it today and I cant wait to for the next run here. I started on the latter side at about 5:45 and the sun had set by 6:30, hence I had to push for completing the run sooner than later since the place was bound to get pitch dark. Next time, I’ll definitely take my camera and stop for some pictures to capture the magnificent views from this place. The loop is supposed to be 9 miles, and there can be a few different routes you could take here. I happened to veer off in a direction which I hadn’t intended or had planned for and hence it turned out to be a 7-miler run as it was already getting quite dark at 3.6 miles.

Its a very secluded trail and there is absolutely no kind of human presence or structures once you are out there, besides the AMTRAK railway line which runs though it. Its just pure nature – the open bay and you on the trail, with sprawling views of the south bay and the mountains. Since it was evening time, there were quite a few flocks of seagulls and cranes returning to their resting spots on little mounds in the middle of the bay, and I also sighted a lone waterfowl. This is a great trail for beginners too since its a mud trail which is quite soft on the shins and your legs in general. Just be careful to plan your run in advance and familiarize yourself with the trail on maps since the trail is totally unmarked and it could get tricky to get an orientation once you are out there since there are really no particular landmarks.