mydesktopWoo hoo I have an awesome new desktop wallpaper for my work computer – here’s a pic of it that I took, sorry for the poor quality, I took it using my cellphone camera, which is not the iphone4 hence the low fidelity picture. I run ubuntu on my laptop and also use an external monitor with a docking station. Ubuntu isnt smart enough to figure that if an external monitor is connected, the user user want to duplicate his wallpaper from the main screen onto the external monitor. Hence, the only options you are left with are either have a wallpaper with a size large enough to cover both the screens and set it as center aligned, or, if you set the alignment as stretch, the wallpaper from the main screen is stretched to span the dimensions of the main an external monitor combined, and you end up with a pretty distorted wallpaper. The lesser evil approach in my experience is to use a wallpaper which is large enough to cover both monitors and set it to center align, although it will look cropped  if you do not have an external monitor. Once you do that, what you need is a nice high definition wallpaper which is large enough to cover your desktops. One such website is from where I picked up the above wallpaper and did some processing in GIMP to suit my taste, and voila! Also notice the transparency with the terminal – i find that really cool – just a little transparency ! Hell, I even want switch to VI as my primary editor instead of emacs just so I can leverage the transparency while I’m editing – though that would mean a serious hit to productivity while I get used to the shortcuts – but I think I’m finally gonna make the jump.